ProtonVPN Review – Is Scam or Legit VPN?

Is ProtonVPN a scam or legit virtual private network? Read my review and analysis before you decide anything.

ProtonVPN is the secured and free VPN service developed by MIT and CERN scientists. It helps you to use internet anonymously and unblock websites like Netflix, Hulu, iBBC Player etc.  It is available for various operating systems like Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Mac. ProtonVPN is used for accessing restricted site without any permission and you don’t have any problem or hesitation for using this vpn. ProtonVPN gives you full security, privacy and freedom here you have all things for free.

ProtonVPN Review

It’s simply transform your real IP address to hidden new ip address because of with this you hide your real identity on internet. So this vpn gives you new IP address for surfing internet where you do whatever you want freely.

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  • Simultaneously supports up to 10 devices at a time.
  • Good verification for anything.
  • Unlimited bandwidth with high speed internet.
  • P2P and professional supports
  • It is No log FREE VPN service.


  • It is a Switzerland based company that isn’t available for all the regions.
  • Buggy window and kill switch problem.
  • Have higher price for all premium features.
  • Fewer servers create bandwidth issue.
  • Dns leaking issues arrived for Linux.

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Membership Type and Price

Generally ProtonVPN offers four types of memberships, first one is free and rest are premium.

  • Basic memberships

Price: 48$ per year

Support: 2 devices with limited speed

  • Plus memberships,

Price: 96$ per year

Support: 5 devices and does not contain ProtonMail feature.

  • Visionary membership,

Price: 288$ per year

Support: 10 devices

In this memberships Protonmail visionary membership plan is also included.


Best Alternative VPN to ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN advertise them as Free Secured VPN platform, however it is not FREE at all. Free package has so extremely fewer features that is of no use. You need to go for Premium package only if you want more security and speed. Again their premium price is too high that anybody can hardly afford.

ProtonVPN is a Switzerland based vpn service and having less features for free format. You must have to buy Premium package here and there also having kill switch and time leakage problem. Furthermore some time your id address would be also leaked due to poor security layer. This ip address leakage is main problem here because of with this you are identified and privacy would be also broken.

So vpn is good but not much better, here you can’t get whatever you want with the vpn so I think I prefer some another vpn, with this you can solve this all problems easily without any hesitations or doubts.

Hence we should check ProtonVPN alternative. As per my experience CyberGhost is the best alternative VPN to them. Since it can solves the entire problem whatever I told you above. It is highly popular VPN service that is being driving my industry’s experts. Their premium price is also competitive and far lesser than ProtonVPN. Last and most important thing, CyberGhost VPN gives you 100% money back guarantee and free trial option too. So you have anything to lose here.

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Virtual Private Network is the must-have service in today’s digital world to secure your online identity. Compromising on feature and price could get you in serious trouble. Hence, I prefer to go with CyberGhost VPN instead of ProtonVPN. You can read my full review Cyberghost VPN here.

Hope my ProtonVPN reviews help you to make a decision. Please share your opinion and input here.

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