How Do I Know If my VPN is Working Correctly?

The big question about VPN arises, how to know if VPN is working / running correctly or not? Well for this there lots of techniques are existed. The Virtual Private Network is used to securely access the internet and other online activity without any limitation. In order to identity the root cause of problem you have cross some common things like DNS leak, basic configuration check and connection test.

how to know if your vpn is working?

How to Know If VPN is Working Correctly or Not?

  • Dns leaks
  • Connection drops
  • Torrent checks
  • And last basic checking

Standard VPN Test for Checking your IP Address

There are lots techniques available in internet for checking vpn is working properly or not but here I am described you standard vpn test. It would be described in a two format,

  • Basic IP address test:

In this method without connecting VPN check your IP address page and note down the IP and after that connect to VPN and now check your IP address. If your IP remain same then there must be some fault.

VPN provide different IP based on the server location selected by you. Hence once you connect to VPN your IP should be changed. That is the easiest way to find if your VPN is working or not?

  • Extended IP address test:

In this method for checking detail analysis of your connection you have connect with at where you have to connect same like above I explained you and check your connection working or not. And last if you detect some wrong things than it will detect dns leak also.

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DNS Leak Test for your VPN

DNS is a domain name system used for converting numerical IP address to domain name address since it is easy to remember compare to long numeric sequence.

Once the problem occur internet enabled device used your ISP address instead of using your virtual private network IP address. Below are the techniques used to check if it is working well or not.

  • test: Go to this web and Select “start” button and wait for a 5 seconds if it not working open in an incognito mode.
  • Hidestar: It helps you to check whether there is DNS leak or not.

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Importance of Kill Switch Feature

it is a main features of your VPN provider because is not a test or any things but rather it is a one type of continuous system where it concentrate your internet connection ip address and dropping ratios.

When change is detected in your IP address status, the kill switch feature will immediately block your computer or device from using the unprotected Internet connection until the VPN connection is re-established. So without this you can’t use vpn very well. There are certain VPN provider like as NordVPN, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN etc that offer such feature.


If you are in a situation and have doubt about your virtual private network then you should try each or any of above test to find out the possible bug.

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If you still don’t know whether your VPN is working correctly or not then comment here.

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