How to Bypass ISP Throttling using VPN

Does Virtual Private Network (VPN) can tackle internet speed issue? ISP Throttling is referred as regulating the speed of internet by internet service provider (ISP). In many cases internet speed is very high for some users or sometimes the groups of the users so the ISP is having the power to regulate speed of the users or particularly some users. That’s what ISP throttling is.

ISP maximum speed limit throttling

vpn to bypass isp throttling

Your internet service provider uses a technique to manage and control network traffic. In order to do so, they sometime throttle bandwidth for some specific users or certain locations. Ultimately the goal is to minimize bandwidth congestion and to reduce the load on network. Please do remember that your ISP can easily monitor all your online activities including surfing, downloading, and streaming. Based on your activity then may throttle your internet speed or impose additional charges. Hence, millions of people all around the world including US, Australia, UK, and Canada use VPN to bypass ISP throttling.

Why Does Bandwidth Throttling Hurt Customers?

If we talk bandwidth throttling than, some ISPs had the capability to handle your internet traffic but choose to throttle traffic for users because of their own purpose. Sometimes they force to skip the free service and only show you landing page which ask to you pay you. In this way your ISP can earn your hard-cash. It really hurts when we need to pay some extra cash with is really not required. Most unfortunately thing is you never know such tricks.

How to Bypass ISP Speed Throttling With a VPN ?


That simple means is here two ISP simply connect and exchange there traffic. It’s been mutually beneficial but sometimes made confusions. Whenever some big ISP had forced to transfer there traffic to small network but don’t capable to receive extra traffic. There is where user will experience slow speed and page loading kind of issues.

But for this we have the solutions with the use of VPN, with this you can bypass this peering and give you good speed.

How Does a VPN Bypass ISP Throttling?

As said earlier, ISP continuously monitors user’s online activity like as browsing, downloading and steaming. They can throttle your internet speed to avoid load on the network. It ultimate give you poor experience as you are not getting the actual speed what you had paid for. In this case VPN tends to bypass bandwidth throttling process by the following steps,

  1. With the use of vpn route all the traffic.
  2. Replace real user IP address with one from its server.
  3. Makes user activity anonymous using tunneling protocols.
  4. Secures user traffic using encryption algorithms.

bypassing isp speed limits

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So here notice one thing with the use of VPN, you can not only securely your identity but also bypass IPS throttling. It will give the speed you deserted. Make sure to buy premium VPN package as free VPN won’t work here. I suggest trying NordVPN, StrongVPN, CyberGhost or ExpressVPN to eliminate IPS speed limit issue. All of them come with money back guarantee.

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