Hola VPN Reviews 2018 – Is Hola.org Safe?

Is Hola.org safe and legit site? Read this page to clear all such doubts and queries. Hola is a virtual private network (VPN) and a freemium web application used for accessing the internet privately all over the world. It provides peer to peer virtual private network to the users.

If we talk more about Hola then it’s a one type of web service that gives you freedom to surf internet without censorship. Moreover you can watch video and other media with less buffering and faster loading.  It is the first community powered virtual private network where idle resources are being shared between the users.

Hola.org reviews

Hola VPN is available in two formats;

  • Basic Package. It is Free and by default you will be entitled for it when you sign up.
  • Paid Premium Package.

Basically, Hola is free for non-commercial and individual users. No need to pay single penny to enjoy their premium features. You can browse any website that is restricted in your country or workplace or school. Hola offers paid premium subscription for commercial users. It help you to unblock bbc iplayer and other sites. In fact, they have totally different website called Luminati for paid membership.

The Hola VPN Reviews

If you want blocked websites of US in your country then Hola is good option. It is 100% Free and ads-free virtual private network that you can use from anywhere at any time by creating your account. Below are some great features of it.

  • No any restriction with using Hola.
  • Video push and accelerator feature also available.
  • Ads –free surfing would be available.
  • No need for complicated setups. Just one click installs to start using it.
  • GPS location changer let you change your location to whatever you want to in world.
  • Available for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS X OS.
  • It supports all the major browsers, devices and consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV, Tablets, Smartphone, Smart TV, Laptop and Chromecast.
  • Improve your privacy online with this vpn service.
  • Save your bandwidth cost.



Why to use Hola?

  • Used by more than 128 million people all around the globe.
  • Unblock your favorite sites like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify and more.
  • Featured by leading media house like CNN, Business Insider, Forbes and more.
  • 100% Free, so you no need to spend anything to get your personal VPN.
  • Top-notch customer support.

Is Hola.org Safe a VPN Site?

Hola.org provides almost same VPN services like others offer. However can we trust it? And is that protected or not?

hola not safe to use

Let us discuss more about that here. Hola gives all the features for FREE as compare to other premium paid VPN provider. However the main question here is the user’s privacy. Sad to know that Hola don’t offer privacy related feature. If you create a free account at Hola and start surfing internet then chances are high that your identity will be leaked as they don’t have any mechanism to secure user identity.

Is Hola a Safe and Secure VPN provider as compared others premium VPN? The answer is a Big NO. Because of Hola doesn’t have any activity log record and not have any privacy for user so the dangerous things is here your data or some important information would leak here.

So if you are serious about your online identity and want to browse safely then I suggest you to go for Hola extension alternative VPN. These kinds of VPNs will secure your data and provide you highest level of privacy too.

Hope my honest Hola Review help you! Please share your own thoughts and opinions here.

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