ExpressVPN vs PIA 2018 – Comparison and Test Results

Are you confused among ExpressVPN vs PIA? Read my in-depth comparison with full test results to choose best out of them.

ExpressVPN Review

ExpressVPN is US based Virtual Private Network provider that enables you to access restricted content in your area, school or workplace. You just have to install their app on your mobile or alternative install software on your PC. It is paid and subscription based network that charges when to access all the premium features.

Express offer so many features and provide industries fastest speed and encryption. If you are much concern about security and privacy then you should go with them. Their premium price is little bit higher than other competitors but It is negligible when you get so many features and bullet-proof security.

PIA vs Expressvpn - full comparsion

Private Internet Access (PIA)

The Private internet service (PIA) is another premium VPN provider based in United States. PIA offers vast number of servers as compared to ExpressVPN. Moreover, user can protect their privacy with the help of VPN tunnel because it would give you safe browsing and protections.

PIA tunnel encrypts your data and changed your location. Usually, whenever you are surfing internet your data would be not encrypted but with the use of this VPN tunnel service your data would be encrypted and unreadable. Moreover your IP address keeping changing and locations would be hidden. If you are totally new to VPN and looking for low cost and easy to operate platform then PIA is perfect network to start off. If you are owner of big organization, govt representative or individual who is serious about privacy, and speed then go for ExpressVPN. In fact, it has so many advanced features as compared to PIA.

Comparison of ExpressVPN vs PIA

ExpressVPN has 3 connections per subscription but other side PIA has 5 connections. Express gives 30 days money back guarantee and another side PrivateInternetAccess gives only 7 days money back guarantee. Express uses sleek, easy-to-operate software and application, while PIA is bit clunkier and takes time to load an app. PIA allowed torrents on all the servers, and another side ExpressVPN allows it for specific servers.

Price comparison

PIA offers unbeatable pricing model and hence considered as the most affordable VPN. Their monthly subscription starts from $6.95 only while Express VPN has nearly double the one month price. Hence PIA is clearly WINNER here.

  • PIA charges $3.33 per month when you buy annual subscription.
  • ExpressVPN charges $8.32/m when you order one year membership.

I tried to communicate with their support team and found that Express gives fast response to queries and their refund policy is also easier than PIA.


Both offers several protocols including OpenVPN or L2TP/IPSEC encryption with 256-bit session keys and also both gives kill switch program to his users. PIA gives extra points on encryption settings compare to ExpressVPN, on the other side Express offer built-in default encryption and security option.


PIA offers some quite good privacy compare to ExpressVPN because of, SOCKS proxy included in PIA vpn and other side no any proxy included in ExpressVPN. However Express offers stealth servers and support Netflix unblocking intermittently.

Performance Test

PIA sofware clients offer some great features like DNS leak protection, IPv6 protection and more. They offer sold performance without any interruptions and bugs. While ExpressVPN client is newbie friendly, however offers fewer options. PIA is spread in 3024+ Servers in 27 Countries while on the other side ExpressVPN is spread in 94 countries with 1700+ global servers.

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Conclusion – Which is Best Option For You?

Both PIA and ExpressVPN are premium VPN providers, However PIA has slight edge over Express due to price model. If price isn’t the concern and want VPN with advanced feature like Netflix unblocking etc then go for ExpressVPN.

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