Best VPN for FaceTime (Unblock in Dubai and Oman)

Unblock FaceTime in Saudi Arabia (UAE), Dubai, and Oman with the help of VPN. Find best review now. FaceTime is an audio-video telephony app developed by apple Inc in 2010. It’s like a Microsoft Skype, where you can perform video chat, text message and file transfer.

FaceTime is available for iOS device and Apple gadgets only. If you are Apple user then you can use this video and audio chat app with your friends and family members. An app is available for Desktop and Smartphone devices.

How to Unblock FaceTime in Oman and Dubai?

Being a popular multimedia application, Facetime has huge number of active users. In fact, their users are spread worldwide. However there are certain countries like Oman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar where people cannot use it. If you are one who loves in any of these countries or have to visit it and can’t live without Facetime then there is solution for you.

Best VPN to Unblock FaceTime

Are you looking to unblock FaceTime in Dubai, Oman and other countries? You can access it without any restriction with the help of virtual private network. You just have to use reliable VPN provider on your Smartphone, Desktop or Tablet to unblock it anywhere.

How to Use VPN with FaceTime?

Don’t worry in case you are not familiar with VPN, I am going to explain you everything in-depth here.

VPN is the virtual network that will hide your IP address and give you virtual IP to browse internet. Hence nobody can trace your online activities including your ISP too. That means, you will have totally different IP address located in different country or region. Your country block Facetime based on your IP and using VPN you can easily bypass that restriction. You just have to install VPN client on your device and then activate it whenever you want to access any restricted content. There are two types of VPN; free and premium. Free has certain restriction and may not fully work as per your requirement while premium gives you seamless access to FaceTime and other restricted sites.

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The Best Premium VPN for FaceTime

Now you are familiar with VPN and might be wondering where to find and get VPN. Let me review best VPN provider that works to unblock FaceTime.

TIP: You should select provider based on unique features, price, amount of servers and devices they offer. I am going to cover all that things in below section.

ExpressVPN Review

Unique features,

  • It supports maximum 3 devices at a time.
  • Offering wide coverage all over the world.


  • 12.95$ per month.
  • 6.67$ per month (valid when you select it for 2 years billing)

Number of servers,

  • In all over the world it have 1500+ server for having great facilities.


  • Covers more than 90+ locations.


Unique features,

  • It provides DDoS and DNS leak protections and having full no log policy instead of other vpn.
  • Easy to understable and having simple user interface.
  • You can connect 6 devices at  a time.


  • $5.75 /month for 12 month.
  • $3.29 /month for 24 month.
  • $7.00 /month for 6 month.

Number of servers,

  • There are hare up to 1082 servers are available.


  • Up to 61 locations are available.


Unique features,

  • It has servers up to 46 cities and 24 countries.
  • 2 Devices supported at a time.


  • $10.00 /month for 1 month
  • $5.83 /month for 12 month

Number of servers,

  • There are 650 servers are available all over the world.


  • Totally 24 locations are available.

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Please share your experience and review about FaceTime VPN listed above. Alternative you can also suggest other good provider if any.

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