3 Best VPN for Downloading Movies and Media Files

Do you want to download media files or movies securely? You should get a premium VPN to avoid leaking your personal data.

VPN also known as virtual private network is the safety cover for you to surf anything online. Do you know that your private details are not safe whenever you surf or download anything from internet? VPN is a safety wall that keeps your details away from hackers and data miners.

When you download anything internet, your personal data and other private information personal info may be leaked. With the help of VPN you can browse anything at anywhere safely without worry about leaking your personal information like login, credit cards number and many more.

top vpn for downloading movies

Things to check while selecting VPN

There are various points to consider while selecting a VPN,

  • 14 eye agenda:

This is a one community where you are under the 14th countries which would be protected you under 14th countries. Under this rules your information would be safer.

  • Flexibility:

Check how flexible the vpn is! Make sure to check type of devices (i.e Smartphone, PC etc) do they support. You should buy VPN that comes with highest number of protocols.

  • Setup and customer service:

This is also important how easy to setup your VPN on any device. What type customer service it can provides like chat support, phone assistance etc. Check if your VPN offer 24×7 support service or not. After sell support is important without that you may ended up wasting time if fall in a problem.

  • Speed and data transfer:

Speed and data transfer is the most important factor while buying VPN. Make sure to check there is any speed restriction or not. There are certain companies which offer unlimited bandwidth. If you use work is online only and use too much internet then go for higher bandwidth plan and provider.

  • Simultaneous connections and operating systems:

Your VPN should support fewer simultaneous connections when you want to use it on different devices at a same time. It should also support Android, iOS, Windows and other operating system, so that you can operate it from PC, Smartphone and Tablet.

Best VPN for Movie Downloading


  • It gives 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Support to windows, Mac, Linux, ios, android and routers too.
  • Easy to usable, no any restrictions and more secure privacy for your data.
  • Spreaded in 148+ cities and over the 94 countries.
  • You can use 3 simultaneous device at a time

CyberGhost VPN Review

  • It can give 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Supports to windows, Mac, Linux, android, ios and routers.
  • Have automatic kill switch program.
  • Dns and Ip leakage protections.
  • No log policy.
  • You can connect 5 simultaneous devices at a time.


  • Over 3600 servers in 61 countries.
  • High encryptions it can call military grade encryptions.
  • Automatic kill switch and onion over vpn.
  • Can protect your ip address whenever you surf the internet.
  • Good customer care support.

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Based on your priority and available features you should use any of above VPN providers. They are best to download movies and media files. In case of any query you can add your comment here.

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