Best CyberGhost VPN Alternative for Mac, iPhone and Windows

Looking for VPN sites like CyberGhost? Read the review to find best alternative that can beats CyberGhost by supporting Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone and other Smartphone.

In today’s world, almost everyone have to travel for their business or personal work. Whenever you travel to different country, you experience some restriction for your usual online activities like watching movie, browsing certain websites. If you want to browse internet without any boundaries then you should try Virtual Private Network. Basically, VPN is a tool that helps you to get access of all the restricted services and sites.

4 best rated CyberGhost VPN Alternatives

CyberGhost is the most shouted VPN provider. They offer various features on based on your subscription which is paid. There are so many people who try to find better alternative than CyberGhost VPN, hence I plan to prepare this post. Before giving you idea of best substitute choice, let me tell you certain things that everyone has to consider while buying premium VPN from such big providers.

Things to Consider while Buying VPN

  • Vpn is server based service, so more are the servers better is the experience.
  • How many countries covered by a vpn?
  • Download speed and simultaneous download would be possible or not
  • Any bandwidth and traffic restriction is there or not
  • Ideal VPN provider should have No-log policy.
  • Types of Protocols does it support. For example openVPN, l2tp-IPsec, PPTP and like that other protocols.
  • Method of encryption.
  • Support devices and OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Smartphone, Laptop, Table etc.

Best CyberGhost VPN Alternative for Mac, iphone and Windows

If you search online, there are lots of VPN exists who gave better service compare to CyberGhost. Below are some highly popular virtual private networks that you should think.

NordVPN Review

  • It has 2533 worldwide servers in 56 countries for the better network.
  • Double encryption and have automatic kill switch feature.
  • Recommended by many MNC companies.
  • If you choose here for the 2-year plan, it would be only for you 3.29$ per month and its very low-cost rate.
  • Three can people use it at a time.

Tunnel Bear

  • You can add up to 5 devices at a time.
  • In free format, you can use up to 1 GB data free here.
  • Provide strong encryption.
  • A vigilant mode is an extra feature given by this VPN.
  • Give his service across 20+ countries.


  • Trusted VPN across the all the VPN services.
  • It can provide this service across the 90+ countries, and with 30 days, money back guarantees.
  • Easy to usable and gives more offline privacy protections.
  • Have 1700+ VPN servers across the world.
  • Ip address masking and anomalous browsing would be possible here.

Private Internet Access (PIA Review)

  • You can browse here with a hidden IP.
  • Five devices connect here simultaneously.
  • Easy to applicable and strict no log policy.
  • 3024+ servers in 27 countries.
  • You can protect your privacy or have good unblock censorship filters.

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